4 Things You Don't Know about Atlas Supp Co.


4 Things You Don't Know About Atlas Supp Co.

Considering we are a pretty new company, we thought we could fill you in on 4 things you don't know about Atlas Supp Co. Read on to learn all about us! Also make sure to check out our Who We Are page to really get the skinny.

1.      Atlas Supp Co. is not a network marketing business.

     A frequent question that we receive is, “is this a pyramid scheme?” Not to mention the countless times we have received emails asking about our company in regards to joining the network. Atlas Supp Co. is formed and owned by my husband James. He wanted to create a company that is transparent about their ingredients. So he did just that. Conviction was launched in February of this year. And, we are working hard for our branch chain amino acids and protein recipe in hopes to launch by the beginning of next year!

2.     Atlas Supp Co. CEO is a local fireman. 

     I think it is funny each time we set up for different events throughout Amarillo and Canyon because the owner of the gyms always ask James, “is this what you do fulltime?”

     This is James’ passion and he has the perfect career to allow him to pursue business adventures that he desires. Although he didn’t want me to put this in here, it is a huge part of our life and business. Not to mention the vast amount of support that Atlas Supp Co. has received from the fire community. Truthfully, we are so thankful for our fellow fire-families for the support!

3.     Atlas Supp Co. has clinically effective doses of its four main ingredients. 

     Clinical effectiveness is important because it answers the burning question of “what works?” in a supplement. It means that each scoop you take has the 4 main ingredients at doses that work. It enhances the validity of the product. Why is this so important to our brand? Because after researching different brands we realized that the majority of supplement companies hide behind proprietary blends and fillers. What does this even mean? It means it can title a section of ingredients as “energy booster” and list an array of ingredients, but not tell you how much of each is in that proprietary blend. Why does that matter? Because you don’t know how much of each ingredient that you are placing in your body. It matters because if you are truly concerned about what you intake, you’re a better athlete. You know that you are fueled properly.

4.     Conviction is Texas Born and manufactured in the United States. 

     Conviction’s recipe was a work in progress. James took time researching, mixing different ingredients, and hammering out the specific doses and details of his recipe. What once was manufactured at home eventually made its way out to the East coast to be professionally mixed and bottled. So, no, it isn’t made in our kitchen ;). 


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